Consumer Information

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If you have been contacted by Niederman, Stanzel & Lindsey, PLLC. regarding an outstanding consumer claim by one of our clients, we want to make you aware of certain information.

Legal Notice

Niederman, Stanzel & Lindsey is a debt collector. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose.


We are required to represent the interests of our clients and recognize that those interests may be inherently adverse to yours. However, we sincerely wish to work with you and/or your legal representative to reach a mutually agreeable resolution in a fair,  respectful, courteous and professional manner.

We are able to amicably resolve many of the cases that are placed with us and take pride in working with creditors, debtors, attorneys and other interested parties to come up with practical, pragmatic solutions.


If you believe you have received less than courteous, professional treatment from our office we want to know about it. If so, please contact us at Please include your full name and file or account number so we may process your complaint as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Positive Feedback:

We often receive compliments about the way we handle matters that have been placed with us. Often, these compliments come from our clients or from  judges, court clerks, mediators and others directly involved in the judicial process.

Sometimes these compliments come from debtors and other people we have dealt with in resolving a collection issue.

If you have positive feedback, we would like to hear from you. If so, please e-mail us at 

Hardship Program:

We understand that consumer collection claims often arise from a financial hardship that we and/or our client(s) are either unaware of or do not fully grasp. This hardship may arise from medical problems, partial or permanent disability, recent loss of income, loss of employment and a wide variety of other causes.

If you are currently experiencing a financial hardship, we would like to know about it. We invite you to send us a letter explaining your circumstances. Please include any documents to support your claim of hardship and proof of employment or unemployment. It would also be helpful for you to complete a simple financial statement which is available from here


If part of your hardship claim involves that fact that all or part of your income is from an exempt source (such as Social Security, Workers Compensation, Unemployment or other legally exempt income) please let us know this and include a document to support the exemption claim.

Please include your file number in your letter and send it to the following address:

Niederman, Stanzel & Lindsey, PLLC
Attn. Hardship Program
55 West Webster St.
Manchester, NH 03104

Or send by email to:

Upon receipt of your information, we will review your file and go over it with our client to determine whether you qualify for hardship consideration. Under certain circumstances, we or our client may request additional information.